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Hover Bot Arena Hover Bot Arena : Fast paced action where you must shoot down the objects as fast as you can. Collect upgrades for your weapons or bombs.
Franky The Fish Franky The Fish : Eat as many fish as you can!
Pandemic Pandemic : Use your newly found virus to kill as many humans as you can. Gain points from killing humans and use them to upgrade your virus. After 200 days the humans will ...
Andrenoid Andrenoid : Similar to block breaker, but this one has power ups that make you bigger but also make you smaller
Rail of War Rail of War : Pull as much cargo as your train can handle. As you complete missions you gain money.
Abba the Fox Abba the Fox : Hang glide and collect as many envelopes as possible to complete the course.
Charmy Charmy : Use each color bag to collect the orbs. X for green bag and Z for red.
Eggy Easter Eggy Easter : An easter themed game where you must complete the level using your rabbit based weapons
Hyper Sphere Hyper Sphere : Collect the power crystals to complete the levels
Tactical Assassin Substram Tactical Assassin Substram : Complete all the missions by assassination all the correct targets
Bombs Away Bombs Away : Shoot the hell out of the little creatures coming at you.
Robo Slug 2 Robo Slug 2 : Run through the level shooting all the enemy robots. They drop power ups and one super power up that kills everything
World Cup Headers World Cup Headers : Volleyball type game using your favorite soccer team. Possible multiplayer. Play by yourself or against a friend!
Freaky Fun Freaky Fun : Jump and avoid the freaky beasts as you collect the coins and stars.
Tiny Combat Tiny Combat : Protect your flag from the enemies by shooting them! Click on the supplies that drop to upgrade.
Makos Makos : Help the little forest creatures. Form groups of at least three of the same color to set them free.
Angel Bothorius Angel Bothorius : Grow your wings to jump higher and longer. Then use your newly found wings to explore the maps.
War Machines War Machines : Take out your opponent machine using a rock paper scissors style fighting
Little Johns Archery 2 Little Johns Archery 2 : Angle and power up your bow to shoot the target twice before time runs out.
Under Wars Under Wars : The sea has been taken over by mutant fish. Help the seahorse defeat them!

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